Steven Yue (University of California)
“A charming program that makes for one truly unforget-table experience in China. If you are looking to experi-ence China from a business perspective I can not imagine a better way to have it done.”
Daren Seto (Undergraduate from University of Maryland)
“Provided great business experience while exposing us to China and its culture.”
Lili Yip (University of California)
“NBS has helped me gained a global perspective on doing business and gave me the chance to gain first hands experience on strategic consulting. Not only was this an extremely rewarding professional experience, it allowed me to meet other amazing talents that share the same passion and interests as me.”
Iqbal Sherif (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
“The skills that I learned through this opportunity can be easily applied in any field I go into because through the adversity of being in an environment I am not familiar with, I learned how to adapt and succeed. It is crucial to have an open mind and welcome diversity so that you may grow as a strong independent individual.”
Ethan Fried (Undergraduate from Harvard University)
“NBS's Program quickly familiarized me with Chinese culture and business practices, preparing me for a thorough internship at a prosperous Chinese tech company. Our client's senior management gave us unfettered access to the company and acknowledged our valuable recommendations for helping the company maintain a long-term competitive edge.”
Adil Rajabali (Undergraduate from University of Houston)
“It is a great program that provides students with tremendous value. It provides highly experienced professionals who bring valuable discussions in the classroom, high quality business challenges that are hard to find in an average internship, and superior consulting experience that teaches about strategic management.”
Billy Correll (Georgia State University)
“I had more engagement with real world experience in one week of this program than I did in 3 months of my previous internships. This program exceeded my expectations in every way possible, and I would strongly recommend this program to anyone.”
Omar Rodriguez-Esparza (Georgia State University)
“A very long time ago I decided to become a global citizen and China was on my list. Today I can say that I have been to China, I worked in China, and I lived in China. All this was possible thanks to the NBS program.”